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TrayoTek, an Indian design and engineering firm, collaborates with clients worldwide to provide exceptional services. As a process improvement and optimization company, TrayoTek specializes in integrated engineering consulting and business process solutions. Our comprehensive approach involves analyzing your operations to identify opportunities for automation, digitalization, or outsourcing, resulting in improved cycle times and cost savings. With tailor-made solutions, TrayoTek assists clients in re-engineering their manufacturing processes to enhance organizational efficiency and achieve optimal outcomes. We gauge our success based on the positive impact we bring to your organization.

Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Designing / Drafting / Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.

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The foundation of Trayotek lies in the value we uphold, serving as a guiding principle for our business operations and the methodology we adopt in working with both our team and clients.

Embracing Creativity And Forward-Thinking

Upholding Ethical Standards And Trustworthiness

Ensuring Responsibility And Answerability

Dedication And Devotion

Optimal Performance And Productivity

Promoting Long-Term And Eco-Friendly Development

Fostering Cooperation And Teamwork

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Our Services

We have best design but you need to add all services as below mentioned.
Fused Deposition Modeling

(Fused Deposition Modeling)

Stereolithography Apparatus

(Stereolithography Apparatus)

Selective Laser Sintering

(Selective Laser Sintering)

3D CAD Modeling
3D CAD Modeling
2D Drawings & Drafting
2D Drawings & Drafting
Product Design & Development
Product Design & Development
Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering
Millwork Design and Drafting
Millwork Design and Drafting
CAD Conversion
CAD Conversion
Advanced Simulation & Design
Advanced Simulation & Design
Technical Animation
Technical Animation
Piping Design & Drafting
Piping Design & Drafting


See what they are saying about us

Gary Arnold Project - CAD-CAM Projects
Windhorse Corp. - USA

TrayoTek's Engineer was great to work with. What I really loved was he regularly worked on a small bit of the design at a time. Then he showed it to me to be sure it was what we wanted and the design was satisfactory. He talked with me weekly to clarify the new week's objectives were properly drawn and reviewed all changes to make sure we were on the same page. We will hire TrayoTek again.

Viswanath Project - Sheet Metal Design Expert needed for consultation - India

Great to work with TrayoTek's Engineers. He understood my requirement perfectly and assisted me well in the sheet metal enclosure design. His vast experience in the field and correct advice helped greatly in designing our product.

Faisal Alrayya Project - CAD Designer - Estidama Industry - Saudi Arabia

TrayoTek's Engineers is a very professional designer. He is always available to do the work and very fast. I would highly recommend him to be your designer. I've worked with him for more than six months to make a 3D model of a whole factory. His work is very nice and organized. I will defiantly work with him more in the future.

Richard Scheuerlein Project - Create technical drawing - Schindler GmbH - Germany

Professional work. Technical drawings with DXF and Drawings files for the manufacturing.

Stuart Holloway Project - Pump Power & Hydraulic Calculations for mobile water treatment - Parabola Ways - Australia

Trayotek has a very professional design engineer. Quality work for the General arrangements drawings.


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Mechanical design plays a crucial role in the manufacturing sector for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the efficient functioning of machinery and equipment, optimizing production processes and enhancing productivity. Secondly, it enables the creation of innovative products with improved performance and reliability. Additionally, mechanical design helps in reducing production costs by streamlining manufacturing processes and minimizing material wastage. Overall, mechanical design is indispensable in the manufacturing industry for achieving high-quality, cost-effective, and competitive products.

Quality drawings/designs are essential before manufacturing a product because they serve as the blueprint for the entire production process. These drawings provide precise instructions and specifications for manufacturers, ensuring that every component is created accurately and to the required standards. Without quality drawings/designs, there's a risk of errors, inefficiencies, and inconsistencies during manufacturing, leading to wasted time, resources, and potentially inferior products. Therefore, investing in high-quality drawings/designs upfront is crucial for ensuring smooth and successful manufacturing processes and achieving the desired level of product quality.
CAD modeling and drawings contribute to cost savings in production through various means. Firstly, they allow for virtual prototyping, enabling designers to identify and rectify potential issues early in the design process, thus reducing the need for costly physical prototypes and iterations. Secondly, CAD models provide precise measurements and specifications, minimizing material wastage and ensuring optimal use of resources. Additionally, CAD drawings facilitate automation and streamlining of manufacturing processes, leading to increased efficiency and reduced labor costs. Overall, CAD modeling and drawings play a crucial role in optimizing production workflows and ultimately lowering manufacturing expenses.
We provide a range of mechanical design services tailored to meet diverse needs. These include concept development, 2D drafting, 3D modeling, Reverse Engineering, product visualization, prototyping support, and design optimization. Additionally, we offer services such as finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and design for manufacturing (DFM) to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and manufacturability of your designs. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your specific requirements and help bring your ideas to life.
The mechanical design process for product development typically involves several key stages, including concept ideation, preliminary design, detailed design, prototyping, testing, and final production. Each stage incorporates tasks such as research, analysis, modeling, iteration, and validation to ensure that the final product meets design requirements and user needs effectively. Throughout the process, collaboration between designers, engineers, and stakeholders is essential to address challenges, make informed decisions, and achieve successful outcomes.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) refers to the process of designing products in a way that optimizes their manufacturability, aiming to simplify production, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. It involves considering manufacturing constraints and capabilities early in the design phase to ensure that the product can be easily and economically manufactured without compromising quality.

DFM is important because it directly impacts various aspects of the manufacturing process. By designing products with manufacturability in mind, companies can minimize production errors, reduce material waste, and streamline assembly processes. This not only lowers manufacturing costs but also shortens lead times and improves time-to-market for new products. 

Mechanical design services encompass the creation and development of mechanical systems, components, and products. These services involve tasks such as conceptualization, modeling, analysis, and prototyping, all aimed at designing efficient and functional mechanical solutions.

Their importance in industries stems from several factors. Firstly, mechanical design services enable the development of innovative products that meet specific industry requirements and customer needs. By leveraging advanced design tools and techniques, companies can create solutions that are not only technically sound but also aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Secondly, mechanical design services play a crucial role in optimizing manufacturing processes. By designing products with manufacturability in mind, companies can streamline production workflows, reduce material waste, and enhance overall efficiency. This leads to cost savings, improved productivity, and higher-quality end products.

Furthermore, mechanical design services contribute to the competitiveness of industries by fostering innovation and differentiation. Companies that invest in cutting-edge design capabilities can stay ahead of the curve, offering unique solutions that set them apart from competitors and attract customers.

Overall, mechanical design services are essential in industries for driving product innovation, improving manufacturing efficiency, and maintaining competitiveness in the market. 

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